HSC English 1st Paper Question Solution 2023 Dhaka with All Boards

We are providing question solutions for HSC Exam 2023 who have regularly prepared and appeared for the exam. This system has been introduced to ensure that every answer given from the person present at the examination center is correct. So for those of you who have given HSC English 1st paper questions today, we have provided the solution for this question. By looking at the question solutions, you can compare how many questions you will answer correctly and whether you managed to be correct in each answer.

Even if the students of our country have studied English for 12 years, due to the lack of basics and insufficient vocabulary, many times they answer questions without understanding. However, in this case, the tendency of students to learn English is greatly reduced and even if they pass according to the certificate, their English skills are very low. And that’s why many students in our society can’t speak English well or can’t read and understand English well even after completing graduation and post-graduation.

HSC English Question 2023

But if a student emphasizes on vocabulary from childhood and reads vocabulary regularly then it is seen that his understanding of every subject is improved by reading. But we have been afraid of English since childhood and every subject is difficult for us due to not learning the vocabulary properly. And if every subject seems difficult then it becomes a lot of trouble and the things to read and understand are quite unclear to us.

So those of you who have given importance to English as students have done very well in the exam. Those who have a good basic of English can pass the HSC exam and go to a good level for admission. Many students don’t get a chance due to lack of English skills or basic skills in the admission system of our country and want to blame fate. But apart from preparing for other subjects, if we could have mastered the basics of English, we would have progressed in every field.

But anyway as English paper 1st exam has been held today, you have answered different types of passage questions in this 1st paper exam. In that case, you can check whether every answer is correct and whether every blank is answered correctly from the vocabulary section that was meant for you. Moreover, if you know the answers to some questions, you can compare them for sure and accordingly, you can easily understand how likely you are to get marks in the exam.

English 1st Paper All Board Question Solution 2023

There are 9 Education Boards in our country and Madrasa and Technical Education Boards. Although not all the education board exams are being held but to know about all the education board exams that are taking place and to know their question solutions are properly provided on our website. If you can check the solution of English first paper from here and compare it accordingly, you will get the answers to all the questions of the real education board clearly.

So, after collating the answers of the first English paper, prepare well for the second paper so that your short marks are filled there. Because the result will be prepared by combining the English first paper and the second paper and even if the English first paper gets some less marks, you can make up for it in the second paper. If you are confused about the answer to any question, you can ask us and we will try to solve it.